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Global Satellite Engineering (GSE) was established in 2004 to provide engineering solutions for the satellite industry. Over the years, GSE has built up a reputation second to none with solutions being deployed for the military, oil & gas, disaster recovery, marine and mining environments, with accreditations from all of the major satellite networks including: Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya and Globalstar.

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Globalstar Commercial IoT Coverage Map


Globalstar’s technology often gets all the attention, but our people deserve the credit for truly setting us apart. The engineers, administrators, and other experts on the Globalstar team fuel our ability to support growth...Read More

Inmarsat Coverage Map


This is Inmarsat
Connecting the planet
As of August 2010, Boeing, the US aerospace manufacturer, has been contracted to build a pioneering new constellation of satellites - the Inmarsat-5s. They will form the backbone of our planned Inmarsat Global...Read More

Iridium Coverage Map


Industry-Leading and Reliable
What does Iridium industry-leading network reliability mean to customers?
It means that they can rely on the Iridium network to work when they need it, everywhere on the planet. For our customers, where critical...Read More

Iridium Satellite Location Map Tool

Iridium Satellite Location Map Tool

How to use this tool
This tool allows you to monitor the Iridium satellite network and determine which satellite is closest to your location. There are 2 methods to determine your location:
OPTION 1: Web based location
Your location is based on the...Read More

Thuraya Coverage Map


A Superior Network
Through the superior system architecture of Thuraya’s satellite communications network, customers are assured of continuous border-to-border coverage beyond the boundaries of terrestrial systems and cellular networks.
The major...Read More