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VulPro: Saving White-backed African Vultures with GSatSolar

Conservation Innovation with wings In the vast skies of South Africa and across the African continent, the once plentiful vulture populations are facing a silent but significant threat to their existence. Habitat loss, poisoning, and illegal wildlife trade have pushed many vulture species to the brink of extinction. Amidst these challenges, however, innovative approaches are emerging to safeguard these majestic birds. One such endeavour is led...

GSatSolar is a Game-changing Force in Wildlife Conservation

Overcoming Monitoring Challenges in Wildlife Conservation Wildlife conservation efforts, particularly in vast and remote natural habitats, are significantly hindered by challenges in tracking and monitoring animal populations. The expansive territories these animals roam, coupled with the rugged and often inaccessible landscapes, make it difficult for conservationists to gather vital data on species movements, health, and threats to their...