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Emergency Backup and Remote Communications Updates

Natural Disaster Risk

As the heightened environmental disasters increase across the globe, so has the focus on improving emergency response preparedness as well as updating remote communications. More often, entire regions lack communications infrastructure due to disaster, and realize, sometimes too late, the necessity to establish a satellite communications backup solution or to replace their End-of-Life (EOL) equipment.

Iridium’s unique constellation architecture makes it the only network that covers 100% of the planet. Satellites are cross-linked to provide reliable, low-latency, weather-resilient connections that enable reliable communication anywhere in the world.

Iridium makes its core technologies available to its ecosystem of partners, who develop Iridium Connected solutions for businesses, governments, and individuals around the world.
GSE is a perfect example of an Iridium partner. GSE is an engineering and design firm, certified as an Iridium Value Added developer, manufacturer and reseller and continues to advance innovative solutions around Iridium’s core technologies.

One of GSE’s advancements is the versatile MCG-101 offering Voice+Data+Tracking+full PBX built around the Iridium 9523 modem to create the newest technology in an Iridium fixed terminal. The MCG-101 is an intelligent solution using the Iridium satellite network to operate as a universal communications hub, low-bandwidth internet gateway, and intelligent GPS device, allowing you to send and receive data and voice, and also connect to other devices through USB and Ethernet.

The MCG-101 functions like a WiFi router at home. As long as the device is not in a bunker type building, and as long as the antenna outside is unobstructed and in direct line of sight to the Iridium constellation, connectivity is possible within the general range of WiFi, which is ~50 feet.

What can the MCG-101 do for you?

  • Make voice calls, text messages, send and receive emails using your Smartphone (both Android and iOS) over the Iridium Satellite.
  • Iridium Satellite connectivity is 2.4kbps, you can add compression email software and send and receive email using your PC, Laptop, tablet.
  • Make and receive Analog Phone calls - connect analog phones or IP phones into the ethernet port - no software needed.
  • Activate GPS tracking for added safety and use our GSatTrack mapping software
  • Create a secure, Short Burst Data (SBD) communications networks - install an MCG-101 in the primary communications command center, with MCG-101 terminals installed in vehicles, boats, or government aircraft.

The MCG-101 Wifi router and linux processor allow for endless customization uses

  • Collect and repeat sensor data - M2M communications
  • Activate the full PBX capabilities to run an entire office, and run your custom software as well

Quick Access for Emergency Backup Communications

Often, Satellite phones are rarely used, as they are set aside specifically for when cell towers are down, and/or personnel are dispatched into a remote area. Satellite phones are usually maintained by a designated person. Where there is employee turnover or position transfers, Satellite phones are often forgotten, being stored somewhere special, and usually left uncharged which can cause dangerous delays during critical times when communication is necessary. When chaos hits, a fixed terminal, such as the MCG-101, is easy to find and offers that peace of mind.

The MCG-101 is compact, weighing 2 lbs with external dimensions of 1.15” x 4.25” x 6.1” making it small enough to mount in your vehicle (or boat) and easy access to power up using your car power adapter. As well, the MCG-101 is significantly smaller than other Iridium-based PBX type terminals requiring less space.

Replacements of End-of-Life terminals

Take Action Now! Please review your existing equipment and determine if you have any End-of-Life (EOL) devices/terminals. Some examples:

  • MXU-2000 manufactured by IDL Corp - an Iridium PBX (no longer supported) which is a much larger in size terminal, and limited to its PBX functionality. The MCG-101 offers an excellent upgrade to the end-of-life “EOL” MXU-2000.
  • The Government Only Iridium Extreme 9505A satellite handset is End-of-Life and any government entity should be reaching out to the authorized vendors, such as GIT Satellite LLC to purchase the replacement Iridium 9575A Government Only off of their GSA COMSATCOM Schedule # GS-35F-0404U, and/or consider adding the reliability of a Fixed Terminal such as the MCG-101 into their solution.
    NOTE: GSE is an approved EMSS partner and the MCG-101 is an approved EMSS product that allows the use of the EMSS SIM card and is available on GIT’s GSA Schedule.

With hurricane season in full bloom, we hope to hear from you soon! You can contact me directly or you can reach out to our general sales team. If you are a government entity, please send your inquiries to our designated government team.

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