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GSatTrack for your Customers: Off-the-shelf Solutions


Building Business To Business (B2B) Relationships

GSE provides products and services to a whole host of people, companies, and organizations. Some of our most beneficial relationships have come from B2B activity. Many of these businesses combine the products and services that GSE provides with their own to enhance their clients' experiences. This model has proven effective time and again for GSE, the business partners we work with, and the clients they serve. Everyone wins as a result.

Series Overview

Since GSE loves finding new opportunities to partner with other businesses, it only makes sense to highlight a blog series focusing on resellers and selling partners. GSE defines resellers as businesses who market our products directly to their customers, or those who combine our products and services with theirs, and then sell that package to their clients. This model allows both companies to build upon each other's strengths for the benefit of the client. The versatility of our GSatTrack platform makes it super easy for companies to integrate our platform into their telematics solution. This series will highlight key features of GSatTrack that can be a major benefit to resellers and their clients.

Consumer Obstacles

One thing all consumers want is a product that is simple to use and versatile in functionality. The whole “more bang for the buck” statement comes to the forefront for every consumer when searching for the “right” product. This is true for both private consumers and businesses alike, with the top question being, “How can I spend less and get more?” Many consumers, however, are often willing to pay a little more for a product that has more capabilities, or that they can pick up and use immediately off the shelf. Many businesses in the SATCOM industry have the hardware, but often lack the software portal necessary to visualize the data the hardware collects and sends. Developing a custom solution is often expensive and time consuming.

The Solution

GSatTrack is a telematics visualization platform that can be used in conjunction with most cellular, satellite, and connected devices or data sources. Businesses who partner with GSE can offer GSatTrack to their clients, bundled with the products and services they sell. This allows the client to purchase the device, set up their GSatTrack account, and activate their device right out of the box. GSatTrack focuses on delivering functionality that helps organizations around the world with three major objectives.



The ability to monitor and interact with as many or as few devices desired by the user in a single platform. Users have the ability to view asset location, behavior, and other data collected by the device. Users can group or sort assets as they desire, customize the platform's interface and additional user permissions, create alerts, and automate reports.



Manage devices from anywhere so long as they can access the portal. Assets can be activated directly through the interface, customize the assets reporting settings, send commands, and send two way messages between cellular and satellite connecting devices that support two way messaging.



Leverage data in near-real time improving efficiency and ROI. GSatTrack is designed with fleet management capabilities which are designed to leverage operational data, reduce costs, mitigate risks, improve efficiency, and ultimately increase return on investment. GSatTrack is designed to save time, resources, and most importantly, lives.

GSE enjoys partnering with companies who already sell SATCOM hardware products, as they can simply bundle GSatTrack together with the products they already offer their clients. When a tracking device is paired with GSatTrack, the user gets both the benefits that the device offers paired with the versatility, tools, and features of GSatTrack. This empowers the user to push the limits of the devices intended use and increase ROI almost immediately.

Businesses that partner with GSE receive the benefits of offering a telematics solution with products they sell instead of fighting to push boxes and then have their customers shop around for a software solution with someone else. This adds a stream of residual income to the business, and improves the user experience overall. The client is able to activate and use products they purchase almost immediately, the business saves money on programming and developing a telematics solution, and GSE gains another life long business partner. Adding GSatTrack to your business repertoire is a no brainer! Contact a GSE representative for more information about expanding your product portfolio with GSatTrack today.

About the Author
Justin Sowell
Technical Writer

Justin brings a combination of communication, leadership, and innovation skills to GSE. With a diverse background in the military, oil and gas, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit industries, Justin enjoys thinking outside of the box to seek new opportunities in which GSE can improve the lives and operations of the partners we serve.

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