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GSE Blog: Best of 2020 and Things to Come in 2021


Every year, we like to take a look at the things we published in the previous year and get an idea of what kind of content everyone wants to see more of. This year, we had a pretty solid flow of articles, case studies, and new web content for everyone to consume from the comfort of their home offices. Your feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to making more high quality content for you in 2021.

Best of 2020

It's hard to pinpoint our best work from a year full of great stuff, but these are the ones we've identified as the must-reads from 2020.

MMM Banner

Monitor. Manage. Maximize.

Article by Justin Vizaro

This article, published in December, is considered mandatory reading for anyone interested in buying, using, selling, or understanding the value of GSatTrack. It's likely we will be reposting pieces of this mammoth article over time to make sure it's always available for everyone. It's a long read, but worth every minute. There's no better explanation of the value GSatTrack offers its users at all tiers of service.

snow truck

Snow Season Telematics

Case Study by Scott Walters

Scott's case about snow plow management highlights the importance of managing and deploying snow removal crews effectively. Because road safety for millions of people is on the line annually, tools like GSatTrack turn real-time data and deployment into life-saving measures across the bountiful and vast snowy regions of the world.


Emergency Backup Communications

Article by Abby Kennedy

Abby's article details the peace of mind afforded by GSE's MCG-101 unit as a rapid-deploy emergency communications hub. The DISA approved EMSS-capable terminal is an option for government organizations everywhere, and its certification as a DoD terminal validates its place in the market.

Looking Ahead to 2021

2021 is already off to a hot start for the publishing arm, with new authors Justin Sowell and Chris Mott joining the crew to produce more case studies, outline industry solutions, and contribute other great content to our blog.

OGSS Header

OGSS: Oil and Gas Solutions Series

Article Series by Justin Sowell

Justin published a signpost piece in December, detailing his experience in the Oil and Gas industry, and outlining the future of his blog series. We look forward to the opportunity to speak directly to the value that can be extracted from proper use of telematics in the field, and Justin is excited to deliver that content to you in bi-monthly installments.


More Case Studies

Contributions from Scott Walters and Chris Mott

Case studies are the lifeblood of our sales team when it comes to communicating the value of solutions directly to the markets our products serve. Being able to lay out the exact use cases from real clients in a realtable way is critically important, and something we're excited to be able to do with twice the frequency of previous years. Look for cases this year about the GSatSolar, GSatTrack, and other products.


Industrial Design Series

Article Series by Justin Vizaro

With the GSatSolar set for a Q1 release and delivery, GSE has a unique opportunity to give people a peek behind the curtain at its engineering and design processes. Everyone has had the pleasure of seeing our fantastic products in the wild, and so many people are curious about our processes and internal decisions that go into each of our new products. The Industrial Design Series will finally help people understand what goes into making an industry-best piece of hardware like the GSatSolar.

About the Author
Justin Vizaro
Product Manager

A writer with over two million words published, Justin comes to GSE from the startup world, where he developed a passion for innovative problem solving and product development. His articles share the perspective and experience that comes from successfully taking products to market in over 20 different industries.

Contact Justin Vizaro at

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